10 years after Louis Comfort Tiffany perished, NDRC negotiated OEMsr-597 with the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation, Oyster Bay, New York. The Tiffany Foundation
"generously gave NDRC the use of its 80-acre estate on Cold Spring Harbor without cost to the Government."
In classified correspondence, this project was referred to by the code name Yehudi. For the benefit of those un-
familiar with this neologism, Yehudi symbolizes in contemporary slang "the little man who wasn't there."

"the 300-acre estate of Charles Tiffany, who generously permitted certain tests to be performed on his land".

"The studio buildings, which had been occupied by the art school, provided ample living and working facilities for the experiments required by the Section."
Two steel towers near Tiffany's Laurelton Hall, 100 feet high, were erected 200 feet apart, to hoist a full-scale silhouette of a Liberator (B-24) supported on a ½-inch steel cable. The model
was raised to an elevation of 85 feet above the ground. When in the elevated position, the model was 235 feet above sea level. "It is of interest that, on the occasion of its first
elevation, the approach of a four-motored bomber was reported by the local volunteer airplane spotter several miles away."

H. Richard Blackwell was in charge of the visibility research program at the Tiffany Foundation from 1943–1945.

The term camouflage came into use in France during World War I to describe certain defensive measures made necessary by the introduction of new offensive weapons.

BLACK WIDOW FINISH. Antisearchlight camouflage for air-
craft described in Chapter 7. (Origin of code name: first used on P61, Black Widow nightfighters.)

Cawaii ! 2001-nen 12 tsuki-gō, released 2001.11.1, uses images of AYU modeling NORTHROP P-61 BLACK WIDOW RECOVERY & RESTORATION TEAM.

bronze statue of Hachikō was scrapped for the war effort.

9-foot-tall Tiffany window stolen from a New York City mausoleum was purchased by Horiuchi Takeo for $219,980.

Following the 1993 Waco siege, Timothy McVeigh worked at gun shows and handed out free cards printed up with Lon Horiuchi's name and address, "in the hope that
somebody would assassinate" Lon. He wrote hate mail to Horiuchi, suggesting that "what goes around, comes around".

Amy Verdi Paglia's Tiffany & Co. paperweight was stolen from the Fresh Kills site processing 9 11 World Trade Center debris.

University of Tokyo examining Hachikō's innards said March 2 that veterinarians had found four yakitori skewers in Hachikō's stomach.
Hachikō perished with terminal cancer and a filaria infection.

warp MAGAZINE JAPAN 2011-nen 05 tsuki-gō, released 2011.3.25, uses images of ViVi zōkan 109 BOOK Vol.3 SPRING 2011-nen 06 tsuki-gō model Elli-Rose.

Katie Yamasaki discussed 'Yama' published by Lee & Low, the illustrated biography of her grandfather, architect Minoru Yamasaki.

"Sat, 12 Mar 2011 15:35:29 +0900
From: "urotsukidoji urotsukidoji" <urotsukidoji.jp@gmail.com>

Hi Josh

The big earthquakes hit coast to coast Japan! Our place was blacked out !

so.. We evacuated to mother's house, I 'm sorry to send you the idea 2 so late . Could you be more patient please?


To say that Horiuchi was ambitious for his collection is putting it mildly. He built his first Tiffany museum in Nagoya in 1994, and his second in Matsue in 2001. By 2011, Horiuchi was well on his way to building a third home for his collection (the first proved too small, the second was deemed too out of the way) when he abruptly decided to sell everything.

I would never ever have foreseen this, says Duncan. I still kind of pinch myself. He sent his son and nephew to my office in New York last October and they said they had made the decision to sell the collection. When I asked why, they brought out this huge multi-colored map, which had been released by the Japanese government following the earthquake, tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear meltdown.

Neanderthals are to civilized man as the Japanese are to God.

Tiffany is an English form of the Greek Theophania, a compound of theos ‘God’ + phainein ‘to appear’.

"2. Wer sagt, Tokyo sei anonym und finster, spinnt. Wollt ihr Beispiele?
- Mittwoch habe ich JP kennengelernt. Freitags treffe ich ihn zufällig vorm Club Feria
in Roppongi,
dem Ausländer-Partyviertel in Tokyo, das ich normalerweise meide
- Wen treffe ich Samstag Nacht im Atom? Bryan, einen meiner Mitbewohner
- Wen treffe ich Samstag Morgen auf dem Nachhauseweg am Bahnsteig? Taco, einen
alten Bekannten
- Gerade eben lief ich durch's HMV (der Riesen-Plattenladen) in Shibuya und stoße
plötzlich mit dem Exfreund einer Freundin zusammen
- Dann sitze ich gemütlich in Shibuya am Hachiko (Sammel-Treffpunkt von ganz
Tokyo), da tippt mich jemand an und fragt "Aren't you Milli?". Es war Tomomi, ein
Mädchen, mit der ich mir ein paarmal bei Myspace geschrieben hatte und die
eigentlich am anderen Ende Japans wohnt

Ich liebe Tokyo" Hannah Wuzél.

Hannah Wuzél's password-protected livejournal sent a lot of unwanted foot traffic to me in 2009.

I logged in to French 20 person ICQ chat and asked anonymously for things "to say in French if one were to wage a war".
"J'attend avec impatience la bataille decisive qui determinera qui de nous deux régnera sur Tokyo".

I was briefed on 240694560, Hannah Wuzél's address in Fukuoka, timeline and activities, such as Sam & Dave Fukuoka.

With Hannah Wuzél at first I negotiated and chicaned, to mask with profounder dissimulation the ulterior purposes of my ambition; but, when March 11 came, I
knew well both Hannah Wuzél's field reports and how to strike.

"Btw, totally random, but when I went to the supermarket earlier, I got chatted up by 2 white girls who asked
me if I was Ayumi Hamasaki desu ka.
I mean, what the hell? First of all, what's a white person doing here. That's definitely the first time I saw one in my village.
Second - Ayumi Hamasaki? Uhm, no? I've had that before but only by Japanese. Also, might I add that I looked
extraordinarily terrible.
Third - why in Japanese? (O.O;)

Feeeeel the powa~ =D Posted on Dec. 31st, 2008 at 04:50 pm" Hannah Wuzél.

"@millitokyo ...all this. I mean somebody who really knows what it's all about. God, I still can't believe it. We could have been there :'(
3:23 PM - 12 Mar 11".

"now that disaster struck my beloved home country of choice." Hannah Wuzél.

"As if the earthquake was not enough, Japan sees itself confronted with several
issues on top of that - a fatal and devastating tsunami simply swallowed most
of the villages and towns located along the coastline and took away the lives
and homes of unsuspecting and hardly prepared citizens. Furthermore, three
nuclear power plants" Hannah Wuzél.

"not something we can control, and no one should have the arrogance in lights of recent events to state that we could." Hannah Wuzél.

"six months ago smoke and ashes darkened the daytime sky over New York, two shafts of bright light pierced the night sky Monday".

"for the sake of the people whose lives will be saved in a possible future scenario." Hannah Wuzél.

"The thought of all those people in fear and despair over there makes me physically ill," Hannah Wuzél.

"depends on that when it comes to my personal situation, whether I will ever be able to
return to Japan to resume my studies and
much more, but it all seems meaningless in regard of the further suffering that could be brought to
the people of Japan" Hannah Wuzél.

"Club ce soir avec Saehena, @millitokyo, haruka, mihi, shanon >_<
4 Jun 11 via Echofon".

Johannine narrative but Lot's wife skinny dipping in the Pool of Bethesda.

99.7 percent of the earth's terrestrial surface life forms have such serious unfinished business (what one must do before one must perish) that
in the breaths leading up to their fight for air and in their last waking days on earth are all going to be of sickening unfulfillment.

September 11, 1963 issue of The New York Times - Photo: Louis Fabian Bachrach, Jr. - Print Headline: "LESLIE HYAM DIES; EXPERT ON ART, 62; President of Parke-Bernet Cataloguing Specialist Tossed Novel Into Fire Beat Out Sotheby's".

2 and 2 together like 1887.9.24 Tiffany twins perished 1973.11.22 and 1974.2.14.

ayumi hamasaki Duty, released 2000.9.27, uses 4 upper case letter track titles, inauspicious because "4" is pronounced the same as the word for "death" ("shi" in Japanese), 4 lower case
track titles like "vogue", 4 like "Far away", and track number 4 "End of the World".

Sae Sekai No Owari ("End of the World" in English) music video "Sapported by "Sh15uya" Staff&Cast", released 2005, uses a computer-generated 108 Takeyama Minoru ("to bear fruit" in English) Shibuya 109.

parasite eve DIVA ― N.Y. Shino Uta Hime ("New York Singing Maiden of Death" in English) manga, released 1998.10.1, uses lower case letters in wording "parasite eve", images
of Yamasaki Minoru ("to bear fruit" in English) twin towers, and nudity.

pizzicatofive;overdose, released 1994.10.1, 4 years prior to DIVA, uses lower case letters in it's English title, track number 2 "Airplane", Yamasaki Minoru
("to bear fruit" in English) twin towers, apple, and gravestone imagery.

Hamasaki Ayumi Mirakuru Pashon ("Miracle Passion" in English) manga, released 2001.1.1, uses images of Hamasaki Ayumi milling about Yamasaki Minoru ("to bear fruit" in English) twin towers.

parasite eve 1998.9.9 U.S. release was 3 years and 2 days prior to

The 3rd Birthday (parasite eve 3) 2010.12.22 Japan release title's 3 blood splatters
read "3 11".

In January 2011, TeamAyu announced so and so's ARENA TOUR 2011 A: "HOTEL Love songs" starts 9th April and ends on 24th July.

Hannah Wuzél ignored my plea to save the world, as a last resort I wrote to the 44th U.S. President in 2010 thru the whitehouse.gov website, to no avail, and regret not
adding "ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt" psychobabble.

However, I reached for the stars like Valentin Naboth of Silesia, and landed in Japan on March 9, 2011, marking the beginning of 2011 Lent, with 8 "Hannah Wuzél"
tattooed upside down on my rib cages ("Eve" is "Hawwāh" in Classical Hebrew).

2 days later on March 11, 2011, I became King Josh Sehrer IIIIV of Japan.


28th March, Avex announced the tour rescheduled to start on 7th May and was renamed to ayumi hamasaki "POWER of MUSIC" 2011 A.

"Tiffany & Co. is proud to support Love & Hope, celebrity photographer Leslie Kees limited edition book, whose proceeds will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society to aid victims of the recent devastating earthquake. The evocative portraits of global female stars, including singer Ayumi Hamasaki (pictured), will also be on view at an exhibition at Omotesando Hills in Tokyo."

"Ayumi Hamasaki tells CNNGo she'd never run away from Japan in the face of disaster and why she loves Twitter".

"NEVER FORGET 9.11 and 3.11
6:42 AM - 10 Sep 11".

"The World Ends with You" -Solo Remix- 2012.8.27 Japan release title replaced "It's a Wonderful World". 2013.5 The World Ends with You -LIVE Remix- developed by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. in collaboration
with GREE, Inc.

"@Machine_Drum youtube.com/watch?v=KIbuDn… the 109 youtu.be/zqa__Yk-ReE?t=…
5:12 PM - 2 Jun 13 from East Los Angeles, CA".

The only thing I can think of more epic than the 2011.3.11 Fortune Global 500 ITOCHU Corporation invite-only LeSportsac Omotesandō furaggushippusutoa Joyrich LA release (9.0 earthquake timed in at 14:46 JST) 18:30~20:30 "SOLID GOLD" soirée
in disaster-torn Japan, costing ITOCHU Corporation over $4 million, was the time the star Maia went on a Christmas shopping trip with Mary Poppins after Maia was raped by Zeus.

"With the sculpture identified as" shodai Hachikō-zō no genkei, Taniuchi Mariko's "mother's efforts in keeping it safe have borne fruit".

Oedipus should have solved the Riddle of the Sphinx by answering: prepubescent girl interned at Ravensbrck—who bit apart a woman and baby's bloodied umbilical cord.

"Not that I believe in it any more or less than in Buddhism or Islam or the Spaghetti Monster, I am just
extremely interested its backgrounds, thesis, dogma and the effect it has on people.
So tomorrow, right after Alice's and my fatal spree through the 109-sales, I will hit the bookstores. Posted on Jan. 3rd, 2009 at 06:32 pm" Hannah Wuzél.

L'ultima amante di Hachikō; traduzione dal Giapponese di Alessandro Giovanni Gerevini; in a dust jacket from the Japanese bunko.

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