10 years after Louis Comfort Tiffany perished, NDRC negotiated OEMsr-597 with the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation, Oyster Bay, New York. The Tiffany Foundation
"generously gave NDRC the use of its 80-acre estate on Cold Spring Harbor without cost to the Government".

"300-acre estate of Charles Tiffany, who generously permitted certain tests to be performed on his land".

"The studio buildings, which had been occupied by the art school, provided ample living and working facilities for the experiments required by the Section".
Two steel towers near Tiffany's Laurelton Hall, 100 feet high, were erected 200 feet apart, to hoist a full-scale silhouette of a Liberator (B-24) supported on a ½-inch steel cable. The model
was raised to an elevation of 85 feet above the ground. When in the elevated position, the model was 235 feet above sea level. "It is of interest that, on the occasion of its first
elevation, the approach of a four-motored bomber was reported by the local volunteer airplane spotter several miles away". Retrieved from

bronze statue of Hachikō was scrapped for the war effort.

Spaulding, H. A. (1897) misidentifies Viscomte Sano as Viscount Yano Tsunetami at Tokio. Spaulding, Henry Abiram. My Trip to the Courts of Europe—Report rendered to Mr. Charles Lewis Tiffany, President of Tiffany and Co., New York: Press of Arthur P. Jackson, 15 February 1897, p. 31. Print.

Sanger, D. E. (1993, February 26) observed that for officials, there were Tiffany's blue boxes containing a variety of gifts -- impressive, unless one stops to consider that Japanese interests own a good-sized chunk of Tiffany's. Retrieved from

McKinley, J. C., Jr. (1993, February 28) noted Mayor David N. Dinkins, who was nearing the end of his nine-day trade mission in Japan at the time of the World Trade Center explosion, arrived in New York City. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/1993/02/28/nyregion/explosion-twin-towers-mayor-dinkins-arrives-japan-views-damage.html

In or about August 1994, Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, using the name Dr. Adel Sabah, an anagram for a balderdash, rented an apartment in the Tiffany Mansion Condominium Building, located at 21 Eisenhower Street, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines. Retrieved from



Amy Verdi Paglia's Tiffany & Co. paperweight was stolen from the Fresh Kills site processing Sept. 11 World Trade Center debris. Retrieved from

University of Tokyo examining Hachikō's innards said March 2 that veterinarians had found four yakitori skewers in Hachikō's stomach.

warp MAGAZINE JAPAN 2011-nen 05 tsuki-gō, released 2011.3.25, endorsed the horn of God's treasures emptied into my mouth, and rejoiced in the success of a man who had seen himself pitted against Kishin Shinoyama's ELLIROSE.

Katie Yamasaki discussed 'Yama' published by Lee & Low, the illustrated biography of her grandfather, architect Minoru Yamasaki. Retrieved from

"Sat, 12 Mar 2011 15:35:29 +0900
From: "urotsukidoji urotsukidoji" <urotsukidoji.jp@gmail.com>

Hi Josh

The big earthquakes hit coast to coast Japan! Our place was blacked out !

so.. We evacuated to mother's house, I 'm sorry to send you the idea 2 so late . Could you be more patient please?


A representative exhibition of Japanese Art and Industry never before equalled, carefully selected for the Messrs. Tiffany & Co. by Dr. Christopher Dresser, late of the South Kensington Museum, London, was exposed June 11, 1877, at the rooms of the Messrs. Leavitt, Auctioneers, at Clinton Hall, Astor Place, New York.

Tiffany is an English form of the Greek Theophania, a compound of theos ‘God’ + phainein ‘to appear’.

"2. Wer sagt, Tokyo sei anonym und finster, spinnt. Wollt ihr Beispiele?
- Mittwoch habe ich JP kennengelernt. Freitags treffe ich ihn zufällig vorm Club Feria
in Roppongi,
dem Ausländer-Partyviertel in Tokyo, das ich normalerweise meide
- Wen treffe ich Samstag Nacht im Atom? Bryan, einen meiner Mitbewohner
- Wen treffe ich Samstag Morgen auf dem Nachhauseweg am Bahnsteig? Taco, einen
alten Bekannten
- Gerade eben lief ich durch's HMV (der Riesen-Plattenladen) in Shibuya und stoße
plötzlich mit dem Exfreund einer Freundin zusammen
- Dann sitze ich gemütlich in Shibuya am Hachiko (Sammel-Treffpunkt von ganz
Tokyo), da tippt mich jemand an und fragt "Aren't you Milli?". Es war Tomomi, ein
Mädchen, mit der ich mir ein paarmal bei Myspace geschrieben hatte und die
eigentlich am anderen Ende Japans wohnt

Ich liebe Tokyo" Hannah Wuzél.

Hannah Wuzél's since-deleted livejournal called for my strongest reprobation as a record of the most wanton and stupidest cruelty I had ever seen chronicled under the guise of blogging.

With Hannah Wuzél at first I negotiated and chicaned, to mask with profounder dissimulation the ulterior purposes of my ambition; but, when March 11 came, I knew well both Hannah Wuzél's field reports and how to strike.

"Btw, totally random, but when I went to the supermarket earlier, I got chatted up by 2 white girls who asked
me if I was Ayumi Hamasaki desu ka.
I mean, what the hell? First of all, what's a white person doing here. That's definitely the first time I saw one in my village.
Second - Ayumi Hamasaki? Uhm, no? I've had that before but only by Japanese. Also, might I add that I looked
extraordinarily terrible.
Third - why in Japanese? (O.O;)

Feeeeel the powa~ =D Posted on Dec. 31st, 2008 at 04:50 pm" Hannah Wuzél.

To steal a line from Queen Elizabeth II, 2011 was Hannah Wuzél's annus horribilis.

ayumi hamasaki Duty, released 2000.9.27, uses 4 upper case letter track titles, inauspicious because homonymous with shi, "death", 4 lower case track titles like "vogue", 4 like "Far away", and track number 4 "End of the World".

Hinata Megumi せヵゝι)σおわ┗) ("End of the World" in English) Yumihara Nanami music video "Sapported by "Sh15uya" Staff&Cast", released 2005.2.23, uses a computer-generated シブヤ108 so near identical with that of Takeyama Minoru's ファッションコミュニティ109 (現:シブヤ109) the differnce can scarcely be descerned.

Let us grant, that the fables they have feigned concerning parasite eve dīvu~a ― N. Y. Shi no utahime ("New York Singing Maiden of Death" in English) manga, released 1998.10.1, are such as Bonzes or Talapoins would almost blush to relate.

pizzicatofive;overdose, one of the hallmarks of the so-called Shibuya-kei, a sub-genre of J-POP found intercalated in a number of foreign-affiliated retail music chains in Shibuya, released 1994.10.1, uses imagery of death wholly suggested by the scenery of a grave-yard.

Hamasaki Ayumi Mirakuru Passhon ("Miracle Passion" in English) manga, released 2001.1.1, forsooth, she doffs the inimical mask fate decreed her to wear for 2001!

Cawaii ! 2001-nen 12 tsuki-gō, released 2001.11.1, uses images of AYU modeling NORTHROP P-61 BLACK WIDOW RECOVERY & RESTORATION TEAM.

parasite eve 1998.9.9 U.S. release was 3 years and 2 days prior to 2001.9.11.

The 3rd Birthday (parasite eve 3) 2010.12.22 Japan release title's 3 blood splatters read "3 11".

In January 2011, TeamAyu announced So-and-so's ARENA TOUR 2011 A ~HOTEL Love songs~ starts 9th April and ends on 24th July.

Hannah Wuzél steadily resisted all attempts to induce her to take any part in saving the world, but I, though no unskilful writer, here wrote in vain; for what ingenuity can veil the turpitude of long and practiced treachery?

However, I reached for the stars like Valentin Naboth of Silesia, and landed in Japan on Ash Wednesday [9 March], with 8 "Hannah Wuzél" tattooed upside down on my rib cages ("Eve" is "Hawwāh" in Classical Hebrew).

2 days later, on Friday, 11 March 2011, I was the first after the Flood that reigned like Soveraign Lord; and that my beginning seemeth to have been of just Authority.


Hannah Wuzél and her family proffered refuge, to which "four Japanese students", in their moments of penitence, may flee, and be sheltered till "the situation in Tokyo is safe again". (2011, March 17). Retrieved from

28th March, Avex announced the tour rescheduled to start on 7th May and was renamed to ayumi hamasaki ~POWER of MUSIC~ 2011 A.

Tiffany & Co. supported “Love & Hope”, celebrity photographer Leslie Kee’s limited edition book, whose proceeds were donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society to aid victims of the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku earthquake. The evocative portraits of global female stars, including singer Ayumi Hamasaki, were exhibited at Omotesandō Hills in Tokyo. (2011, May 23). Retrieved from

Poole, R. M. (2011, June 3) made no scruples, he readily stipulated with Ayumi Hamasaki to provide CNNGo with why she'd never ‘run away’ from Japan in the face of disaster. Retrieved from


It's a Wonderful World -Solo Remix- 2012.8.27 Japan release has had its title replaced by one printed "The World Ends with You". SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. in collaboration with GREE, Inc., bearing what was probably a titular name embodying their faith, The World Ends with You -LIVE Remix-, would come, in the fifth month of the following year.

For an epopæa, March 11, Evening, 5.00 o'clock.—ITOCHU Corporation (ranked No. 3 on "Global 500: The World's Largest Corporations", Fortune, 7 August 1995, p. F-1.) soirée in disaster-torn Japan, costing ITOCHU Corporation $4,895,199.88, in LeSportsac Omotesandō furaggushippusutoa. Music under the direction of Van Cliffe.D (Elli Arakawa). [By invitation only.] is too preaching. It has, however, more epick, than didactick merit, and might by a skilfull versifier be abridged into a tolerable poem.


Damage to public infrastructure and private capital stock, as estimated by Japanese authorities, totals ¥16-25 trillion (roughly $200-300 billion, or 3-5 percent of Japanese GDP). Over the course of three trading days following the March 11 earthquake, the yen appreciated by 7.9 percent against the dollar, reaching a record ¥/76.25 on March 16.

According to Ushio (2014, May 2), with the sculpture identified as shodai Hachikō-zō no genkei, Taniuchi Mariko's "mother's efforts in keeping it safe have borne fruit". Retrieved from

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