Oct. 18, '25 handwritten Laurelton Hall correspondence detailing Louis Comfort Tiffany picnic and sketching with Sarah Hanley. Postmarked "OYSTER BAY OCT 19 9 30AM 1925 N Y". Sold.
"to th,r Tiffany lilgt emmnotflagr toy tle t'nimt Stn!" at"! ... I F "t 9 PART I ...
inelutlie g hita i•n die vertic'al scattering of light."


1945 English news' photo of Kaufman Thuma Keller of Chrysler holding 1 of 7,500,000 "Tokyo Firefly" bombs made by the Chrysler Corporation. Newspaper clipping included. Sold.
"Josh Sehrer is God’s gift to humankind. He’s here to save us all. Watch the video,
if you don’t watch it 3 times in a row, I’ll give you your money back."

The Extensive Collection of the LOUIS COMFORT TIFFANY FOUNDATION (1946) by PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES INC. Cover marked "mr. Leslie HYAM". Auction notes penciled in Japanese by Leslie A. Hyam. Sold.
1947 English news' photo of Waseda University destroyed by bomb damage (taken 5 years after "noon April 18th, 1942" attack by the United States). Newspaper clipping included. Sold.

Tiffany & Co. Casio 03-502 63215 Japan wristwatch. $1,110,000 dollars. Add to cart
"THUNDER AND SHOWER II," after YOSHITAKi (1979) serigraph 9/300 signed Knigin. $1,110,000 dollars. Add to cart

"February 07, 2011, 13:28:09 JST dude's a psycho to American standards, I
never ever met Ayu -- I came up with
a 9 11 conspiracy to help the old 1990s farts cope with losing her if you beat
Square Enix 3rd Birthday for the PSP
you get to shoot Aya (Ayu) before she married"

"SONJA," after HIROSADA (1979) serigraph 63/300 signed Knigin. $410,000 dollars. Add to cart

"LION DANCER," after HIROSADA (1979) serigraph 1/300 signed Knigin. $1,110,000 dollars. Add to cart
"THE 26TH STATION of THE KISOKAIDO," after HIROSHIGE (1979) lithograph 135/250 signed Knigin. $244,000 dollars. Add to cart

"REFLECTION OF SUGATAMi," after UTAMARO (1979) lithograph 163/250 signed Knigin. Sold.

1987 Takara Co., LTD. Shibuya 109 doll in original unopened Shibuya 109 box. $1,110,000 dollars. Add to cart

"The World Bank's estimated economic cost was US$235 billion, making it the
costliest natural disaster in world history."


1997 Takara Co., LTD. blonde Shibuya ko-gal loose socks-clad doll in original unopened box. $410,000 dollars. Add to cart

manufactured by kids for teens! fashon.jp "shibuya" all-over 5-panel hat. $11,311 dollars. Add to cart
"on him hat "it could be a possible problem." However, he said he did not discuss
the globe at that point with FBI"

NUMBER (N)INE size 4 screen-printed tee. MADE IN JAPAN KOOKS CO., LTD 0359933495. $1,100,000 dollars. Add to cart

2001 life-size Ayumi Hamasaki TU-KA "Link your style." display. $1,110,000 dollars. Add to cart

"OMG is...is...is this our warning? am i laughing in the face of one of God's most
valiant warriors? taking on Ayumi Hamasaki all by himself?!!"


TV WEEKLY No. 37 (2001.9.8–14 Japanese TV listings). The Night of the Hunter (1955) scheduled to air 2001.9.11. $1,100,000 dollars. Add to cart
2001 Tanaka Maiko fecal mucus- bloodied used prophylactic. Sold.

Ready Go Vol. 1 No 4. (November 2003). AYU x NIGO xing STREET cover. $144,000 dollars. Add to cart
NuMBeR (N)ine by Takahiro Miyashita .925 silver "TheHighStreets" 17" necklace. $1,100,000 dollars. Add to cart

manufactured by kids for teens! fashon.jp "9.11 < 3.11" track suit. $131,190 dollars. Add to cart
"Sept. 11, the images of commercial airplanes slamming into the World Trade
Center played over and over again on Japanese TV. "I couldn't believe it was real,"
Hamasaki recalls."


2011年3月11日 Fortune Global 500 ITOCHU Corporation invite-only LeSportsac表参道フラッグシップストア Joyrich LA release (9.0 earthquake timed in at 14:46 JST) 18:30~20:30 "SOLID GOLD" invitation, Tanaka Mamiko ITOCHU
Corporation business card, and full gift bag. $344,000 dollars. Add to cart

manufactured by kids for teens! fashon.jp "Minoru" TSA-friendly see-thru backpack. $9,021 dollars. Add to cart
"Tue, 01/17/2012 - 08:37 Big news about あゆみ this morning. Oh, how the
world came tumbling down."


Transworld Skateboarding Magazine (August 2011). $7,796 dollars. Add to cart

manufactured by kids for teens! fashon.jp "shibuya 9s" Josh Sehrer pro model any size shoe. $85,622 dollars. Add to cart

"ITOCHU Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Masahiro Okafuji,
President & CEO) has decided to donate 400 million yen"


Unpublished 35mm negative. Sold.
Unpublished purikura. Sold.

Unpublished 1-minute reel of tape. Sold.

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