Oct. 18, '25 handwritten Laurelton Hall correspondence detailing Louis Comfort Tiffany picnic and sketching with Sarah Eileen "Patsy" Hanley. Postmarked "OYSTER BAY OCT 19 9 30AM 1925 N Y". Inquire
"Results 1 - 1 of about 1 for "Louis ███████ Tiffany Foundation" fly airplanes
into World Trade Center towers September 11."


The Extensive Collection of the LOUIS COMFORT TIFFANY FOUNDATION (1946) by PARKE-BERNET GALLERIES INC. Cover marked "mr. Leslie HYAM". Auction notes penciled in Japanese by Leslie A. Hyam. Inquire
"Josh Sehrer is ███’s gift to humankind. He’s here to save us ███. █████
███ video, if you don’t watch ██ 3 times in a row, ████ ████ ███ your
money ████."

"THE TIFFANY TOUCH" favrile advert sign salvaged from 2011 Hurricane Irene-damaged Arto Monaco property. Inquire

Tiffany & Co. Casio 03-502 63215 Japan wristwatch. Inquire

"February 07, 2011, 13:28:09 JST dude's a ██████ to ████████
█████████, I never ever met Ayu -- I came up with
a 9 11 conspiracy to help the old 1990s farts cope with losing ███ ██ ███ beat
Square Enix 3rd Birthday for the PSP
you get to █████ ███ (Ayu) before she married"

"THUNDER & SHOWER II," after YOSHITAKi (1979) serigraph TRIAL PROOF signed Knigin. Inquire

1987 Takara Co., LTD. Shibuya 109 doll in original unopened Shibuya 109 box. Inquire

"The World ████'s █████████ economic cost was US$235 billion, making
it the costliest ███████ disaster in world history."


1997 Takara Co., LTD. blonde Shibuya ko-gal loose socks-clad doll in original unopened box. Inquire

manufactured by kids for teens! fashon.jp "shibuya" all-over 5-panel hat. Inquire
"on him hat "it could be a possible problem." ███████, ██ ████ he did not
discuss the globe at ████ █████ with FBI"

NUMBER (N)INE size 4 screen-printed tee. MADE IN JAPAN KOOKS CO., LTD 0359933495. Inquire

2001 life-size Ayumi Hamasaki TU-KA "Link your style." display. Inquire

"OM█ is...is...is this our warning? am i laughing in the face of one of ███'s most
valiant ████████? taking on █████ Hamasaki ███ ██ ███████?!!"


TV WEEKLY No. 37 (2001.9.8—14 Japanese TV listings). The Night of the Hunter (1955) scheduled to air 2001.9.11. Inquire
2001 Tanaka Maiko fecal mucus- bloodied used prophylactic. Inquire

Ready Go Vol. 1 No 4. (November 2003). AYU x NIGO xing STREET cover. Inquire
NuMBeR (N)ine by Takahiro Miyashita .925 silver "TheHighStreets" 17" necklace. Inquire

manufactured by kids for teens! fashon.jp "9.11 < 3.11" track suit. Inquire
"Sept. 11, the images of commercial airplanes ████████ into the World
Trade Center played over and over again on Japanese TV. "I couldn't believe ██
███ ████," Hamasaki recalls."


2011年3月11日 Fortune Global 500 ITOCHU Corporation invite-only LeSportsac表参道フラッグシップストア Joyrich LA release (9.0 earthquake timed in at 14:46 JST) 18:30~20:30 "SOLID GOLD" invitation, Tanaka Mamiko ITOCHU
Corporation business card, and full gift bag. Inquire

manufactured by kids for teens! fashon.jp "Minoru" TSA-friendly see-thru backpack. Inquire
"Tue, 01/██/2012 - 08:37 Big news about あゆみ this morning. ██, ███ the
world came tumbling down."


Transworld Skateboarding Magazine (August 2011). Inquire

manufactured by kids for teens! fashon.jp "shibuya 9s" Josh Sehrer pro model any size shoe. Inquire

"ITOCHU Corporation (███████████ in Minato-ku, Tokyo; ████████
Okafuji, President & CEO) has ███████ to donate 400 million yen"


Unpublished 35mm negative. Inquire
Unpublished purikura. Inquire

Unpublished 1-minute reel of tape. Inquire

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